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Happy 25 weeks to me and baby Joseph. Wow, I just realized that I only have 15 weeks left. To you it may seem like a long time, but for me it doesn't seem that far away. I am def. not ready yet. I don't have anything I need. I am sure after my baby shower I will be more prepared. I hope our baby looks a little like me, but I have a feeling he will be a spitting image of Travis. It doesn't matter, I will love him no matter WHAT!

On another note today is ash Wednesday. If you are not christian you may not want to read this.

This is def. one of my favorite times of year on the catholic calendar. This time of year reminds me to appreciate my faith and what he did for us. I know that our faith and commitment to our church as made TRavis and Is relationship strong from the very beginning. Ever since I met TRavis we have always gone to church faithfully ever week. To me it is more than going to church. It is living your life according the teachings of the church. I can't wait to teach Joseph about God and his love for him. This year for lent I am not giving anything up, instead I am going to do something. I am going to say the rosary every day. This is something I want to do for lent, but I would also like to keep doing it after lent is over. There really is no reason why I can't. It only takes about 20 minutes. I really can't stand when people say they don't have time to pray or go to church. Just get your butt out of bed earlier and then you have time. Anyway sorry for the church talk, but I felt it was appropreiate for today. Have a great lenten season and remember what he did for you and Me!


March 2009

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