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Back in Houston

Travis and I made it back to Houston yesterday around 6:00. We had a great visit with family and friends.

We left Thursday after Travis got off of work. We decided to stop in Laf. to spend the night at his parents house. We spent the morning there and then left for Baton Rouge to check on our house.

Friday Travis did some yard work and stuff. I went to run some errands and decided to get a pedicure. That was a nice treat because my back was hurting from the car ride and the girl took her time. Friday night we went eat at Sammy's since we had no food what so ever in our house. We had some boiled crawfish and bread pudding. I know baby Joe enjoyed the yummy food because I know I did.

We got up early on Saturday morning to go to my moms and drop our dog Dakota off. Then we all headed to my grandmaw's house for the Luling Parade. My whole family plus friends of the family all come on this day. It was so nice to see everyone. Travis' family even came over which was nice that he got to spend time with his family as well. There was so much good food to eat too!! I had hot tamales, dips, jambalaya, and of course King cake. It was a great day.

Sunday we went to church and had lunch with my mom and dad before we got on the road. The drive back was not bad at all. I thought it went by pretty fast. We got home and unloaded all the stuff we brought plus more. I went to get somthing out of my car.(Which we parked here all weekend.) I went to unlock it and it would not unlock with my key thing. Travis tried with his and it did not work either. We have actually use the key to unlock it. Well I left a light on in my card and the battery was dead. Then Travis had to jump my car and all. This was not what I wanted to come home too.

Well I know my journals have been pretty long, but it has been a few days since I have updated. I hope everyone in Louisiana has a happy Mardi Gras. Then it is time for Lent. So remember it is will soon be a time for sacrifice and to remember what he (Jesus) did for us! Love Y'all


March 2009

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